Saturday, 26 July 2008

High Days and Holidays

(The first posy of flowers from my garden - you can't believe how excited I was to pick these!)

Finally summer has arrived in the Moorlands in all it's glory. Waking to misty mornings where everything is still and expectant, the boys and I have lolled about the house until well after breakfast, played in the garden in pyjamas while the day gets going then shoved on shorts and sandals for an afternoon out in the woods and fields. No need to rush, no morning panics over forgotten book bags, missing pumps or unpolished shoes. Wonderful.

These are the days I remember best from my own school holidays, what seemed like endless weeks of sunshine, picnics and roly-polying down hills and I hope that's what my little Woodmice will enjoy too. Wet days (not too many please!) will bring trips to town for new shoes, a favourite treat of proper chocolate cake in a proper cafe, visits to the museum and the library and time at home building skyscrapers and city scenes from all the tins and packets in our kitchen cupboards (favourite game of the moment!)

Today we're off to the local agricultural show which is the highlight of my summer. Ours has everything from shire horses to fancy poultry, prize Victoria sponges and gardens on a plate to showjumping, champion cattle and monster tractors. The forecast looks perfect and I love to think of the stockmen from the villages high in the hills, up since dawn hosing down heifers, chalking up the feathered feet of shires horses and herding hot sheep into show pens all for the big day.

In the evening this is where I'll be. Sitting on my little bench while the heat of the day fades and the plants enjoy a drink, watching the farmer bring in the hay from the fields over the road and listening for our frog and the swallows twitter.

England in the summertime, there's no more perfect place to be.


Anonymous said...

English summer in all its glory ... how well you've described it.

Gorgeous boys and beautiful flowers. Have a great time at the show today and enjoy your holidays!

Pipany said...

Oh such a pretty post Steph; a lovely start to the weekend and the holidays. We had breakfast in the garden this morning with the children running in the dew-soaked grass - just perfect. Enjoy it all and your garden is looking gorgeous xx

jessica daisy said...

What a pretty posy, such lovely childhood memories, and what an adorable photo of your boys.
Hope you have a fantastic time today at the show.

julia said...

Your garden looks amazing, I'm not surprised you look forward to sitting there!
Enjoy the holidays!
Julia x

VA Boutique said...

We are having such lovely weather here at the moment aren't we, lets hope it lasts!
Enjoy the sunshine.
Love Alison x

Rosie said...

lovely flowers and a super photo of your two boys - that's what summer is all about. Enjoy the show and the sunshine and the holidays.

Anonymous said...

A lovely post with beautiful photos as always Steph. A visit to your blog always warms my heart. Jackie Mx

claire said...

Gorgeous gorgeous boys xxx
hope you have lovely school hols, and that you get the chance to spend most of it in your beautiful garden.

Anonymous said...

A gorgeous post Steph, beautifully described. Have a lovely weekend.

prettyshabby said...

Now that what you call a proper summer! I couldnt agree more ..England in the summertime you just can't beat it. lovely post Steph, enjoy the sunshine with your gorgeous boys x


What a beautiful garden!


Heidi said...

Happy Sunday Steph!...Your post today makes me consider packing up & moving to your England!...The day you are describing sounds simply magical!....Enjoy!....Heidi XO P.S. Your boys are just the cutest!!

Sal said...

I love your garden...isn't it just so lovely to be able to pick your own bunch of flowers,from your own garden?!;-)

periwinkle said...

sounds perfect to me, your boys look so cute
lisa x

This Vintage Life... said...

Your garden is looking lovely Steph. Hope you all had a wonderful day (what cutiepies!) and enjoyed looking at that lovely view whilst the sun went down. I was doing the same thing here also listening to the swallows overhead...sublime!
Deb x
(PS sale is now on - email has probably gone to your spam folder again!)

Ragged Roses said...

Isn't summer in this country wonderful, when it arrives! I'm glad you're all having so much fun, it is a case of making hay while the sun shines isn' it? Enjoy

mollycupcakes said...

Sounds fabulous Steph,
looking forward to seeing lots of photos from the show, hoping to see the fancy chickens lol
I'm sure it was a fantasic day for you all.
Many hugs.
Catherine x

Leisa said...

Sounds like you are having a wonderful time with your children. Your garden is beautiful! Glad to hear you are enjoying it!

Garden Girl said...

Your garden looks like such an idyllic place to be. Glad you're enjoying the summer holidays and all that reminiscing!anna x

Anonymous said...

Hi steph
i just adore that little posy of flowers from your garden, so very pretty and summery. glad you're enjoying the hols, we are too, I'm loving the total lack of routine!
your garden looks ever so lovely, i definitely need more flowers in my little back yard, yours is very inspiring.
Enjoy the rest of your week :o)

alice c said...

Thank you - I feel as though I have sat in your garden for a moment and enjoyed the view and the peace and quiet. It is always a pleasure visiting your blog Steph.

Heidi said...

Hi Steph, I just wanted to stop by to be sure & let you know that I am celebrating my 100th post today & am having a "giveaway"!...I decided to giveaway one of my striped lap quilts, one of my Christmas runners & one of my "summer pillows"! I so hope you will stop by visit!...Hope you are having the lovliest of days!

A home far away said...

Lovely summer photos!
Enjoy your weekend:_
Hgs Gunilla in Singapore

mommyholly said...

WOW, what a beautiful post! It seems like an ideal wya to spend a lazy summer day!! I only wish I was in England as well :) xo!

walter and me said...

Hello Steph, just popping over via Alice, and so glad I did! Lovely photos, I'd like to just come and sit in your garden and soak it all up. Looks like you're having better weather than we are here in Cornwall. Happy hols!

JuliaB said...

I've just discovered you via The Magpie Files.

WOW!! your blog is beautiful! I shall definately be returning for a regular dose of loveliness.

The Fairy Glade said...

Hi Steph, a lovely post as always. I seem to remember you saying that you had finished all of Susan Hill's books about country life. I as wondering if you have read any of the Miss Read books. Whilst they are not written in the present they are fictional tales of village life from a bygone era. Miss Read was actually a school teacher and a lot of her stories are based on her experiences. I have quite a collection and if you would like to try one or two, I am more than happy to post a couple off for you to have a go. Let me know and email me your address if you would like. Dev X

Anonymous said...

I live in south Brasil and I saw your blog today... my englihs is very poor. Your blog is wonderful! Your childrens adorables, lovely smiles. Your village so cute. I The stem railway photo...wonderful, and love ancient trains. Remenber my childhood. I love to embrodery and I took pattens from your blog. May I? I don´t have blog and I added your to my favorites . God bless you and your adorable family. Valéria

Anonymous said...

I live in south Brazil and I saw your blog today. I live it... my english is very poor... I´m sorry. Your childrens are adorables, lovely smiles! your village so cute.
I don´t have blog. I love embrodery and I took patterns from yours. May I?
The stem railway photo is wonderful. I love ancient trains. Remember my childhooh.
God bless you and your adorable family. Valéria

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