Saturday 12 December 2009

Beginning to Feel a Lot Like Christmas

So friends, are the days flying by as quickly for you as they are for me? Where exactly have the last two weeks gone?! Actually looking back on these pictures we've been busy, busy.

Last week my lovely friend Lucy and I whizzed east to Lincoln for the Christmas market (which to be honest was pretty disappointing - lots of cheap tacky gifts and a rather heavy corporate sponsorship feel to the whole thing) so we headed for the lovely antique, gift and cook shops, the soaring cathedral and a cosy tearoom.

Ahh, now this was more like it, beautiful books, vintage jewellery and some very nice cake!

Back at home, I've been merrily flinging a few more decorations about the place.

Cobbled together an outfit for a first time shepherd

Spent a few ours making paperchains for just about every room in the house.

Posted a few cards into the red box that's set into the wall of one of the village cottages.
Brought home the essential read of the season (for anyone reading this not from the UK, this magazine is the weekly TV & Radio listings magazine produced by the BBC and the double Christmas issue is a festive tradition in its own right. I never buy it any other time of the year and as Woody writes TV previews for much of his work it is a bit redundant to be honest, but it wouldn't be Christmas without it - especially for Woody oddly?!)
And made a start on the Christmas baking

Time seems to be vanishing doesn't it. Have a lovely weekend, hope its festive and not too busy for everyone.


Helen said...

The Christmas Radio Times ... we'd be lost without it! what a lovely christmassy post.

Helen x

Willow said...

What a lovely festive post! The shops look very inviting, I would be exactly the same, seeking out the antique shops and tea rooms!

Love your dresser too ... and the little shepherd looks great! The red post box reminds me of where I grew up - my Mum owned the village shop & P.O. so we had one of those in our wall too!!

Willow xx

KC'sCourt! said...

No Christmas wouldn't be Christmas without the Radio Times, programmes ticked off to watch or to record and watch later - about Easter time! I've decorated but haven't thought about cooking, and as for the cake being iced ermmmm!
I know what you mean about the Christmas markets they are getting a bit commercial

Sal said...

We went to Lincoln for the Christmas market about 5 years ago. We were disappointed just like you! Lots of rubbish!
I know people who live there and I had heard from them that it was meant to be improving!!!
But don't you just love struggling up the hill on those cobbles?!!!!

Rubyred said...

Time is vanishing very quickly indeed!Still got handmade pressies too finish!
What a lovely post,with such a handsome moustachioed shepherd!
Have a lovely(but busy) week!
Rachel x

Knittings Nice! said...

The days seem to be melting into each other at the having to just get things done bit by bit...but hey maybe thats half the fun of it....lovely post....really enjoyed it.

Garden Girl said...

Great post Steph-and may I say how handsome your shepherd is? I do love his tea towel and facial hair in particular!
R and I are both salivating over your Christmas baking, and laughing at the sneaky hand about to snatch a snack!

Funkymonkey said...

Well, you have to have RT at Christmas don't you. I think Mr F looks forward to it for weeks.Lincoln looks a lovely place. Shame about the market though.


Pomona said...

It all looks very festive in your house - I rather like the look of the biscuits!

Pomona x

LissyLou said...

time is flying by!!

Looks like a lovely x'mas time your having though x

Frances said...

Over here in New York, times does seem to be moving double quickly. So much done for Christmas (gifts made, cards made and posted, ingredients in the kitchen for cookie baking later this week.)

And so much still to do. I love a whirl of seasonal excitement, particularly if I truly feel that I will be able to cross the finish line by about ... Dec. 22.

Some of our seasonal outdoor markets also disappoint in their predictable tat. Yet ... it's wonderful to know just where to go to search out truly special shops and crafts. Well, I am making most of my gifts this year, so crafts HQ is close by.

All in all, what a wonderful post, CC!

Helsie said...

Christmas is so special when you have children around isn't it? They really help you get into the Christmas spirit.

*Ulrike* said...

It can be disappointing when you go to a festive market and find the run of the mill stuff. I guess that is why we keep going back to our old faithfuls! The cookies look yummy, and you can tell the kids had fun!

Geowolfe said...


I enjoy your writing but isn't time you updated "where I work"? Happy Christmas