Monday 28 December 2009

The In Between Bit

And very cosy and rather relaxing its turning out to be for us here at No 25 this year.We've not had any real plans in the pipeline so there has been plenty of time for some decent slumping, for lazy mornings, for chomping on chocs/nice cheese/pickled onions etc, for getting to grips with new toys and for a few breaths of fresh air.

Our Christmas was a lovely, lovely day, with the added surprise of a last minute grandma who should have been entertaining the brother-in-law but he was sadly marooned in the snow at home in Cumbria. Poor Uncle P but our little boys were so very chuffed; not just presents but a grandma too!

I'm in danger of needing to be surgically removed from my new Cath jim-jams, a present from Woody and much obsessed over. Oh I am a lucky and very cosy girl indeed.

Wrapped up in a little present to myself, from the Laura Ashley sale, and a mug of something warming I had a blissful hour to myself yesterday just taking in the winter view, the steam train chugging down the valley and the feathered visitors to the bird table (mostly jays and blackbirds yesterday, as well as the coal tits and the shy but very beautiful bullfinches).

It felt like an out and about day though today so we grabbed the bikes and went to find the Manifold above ground, after its long summer in the caves under the Peak.

Tucked between the hills, hidden from the sun, the little track was like an ice rink today and we skated about. It felt so very good to feel the cold on our faces and the cobwebs blow away after a few days of fires and central heating.

The next few days bring birthdays, lunch with friends and squeezing in some more relaxing before the world gears up again. Hope you had a wonderful Christmas, thank you for all your wonderful comments and visits to my little blog this past year. Your time and messages mean ever so much to me, sorry I don't get around to reply or visiting everyone as much as I'd like. Warm wishes to everyone for a wonderful year ahead.


Janet Happy Girl said...

lovely blog

Taminator said...

Your blog always makes me feel warm and happy. Thanks so much!

Trish @ said...

Merry Christmas and Happy New Year - I found your blog about a month ago and have been enjoying it. I've two boys too - although a wee bit younger.

Willow said...

It sounds like you had a lovely, peaceful time, just as it should be at Christmas!

I love your bedroom and I definitely have "CK PJ envy" !!

We're enjoying a couple of days of pottering about now, before my son's birthday on New Year's Eve.

Willow xx

Anonymous said...

Hi Steph, I too just found your lovely blog recently. I am Mum to two little ones in a small village in Suffolk. A belated Happy Christmas to you all.

Renaissance Grace said...

Your blog is readorable my new word made up for splendid blogs. Pop over with a cup of tea and read about the adventures live from Brympton Towers
starring on the bbc at 9pm Wed the turn of the screw.
Take care Susanxx

driftwood said...

looks like a perfectly cosy Christmas. we nearly got snowed in, in Cumbria, but just managed to escape the snow.. xxx

VintageVicki said...

Am wondering whether it should be the law that christmas is spent wearing new pj's & dressing gowns??

Our snow all melted before christmas but we've been promised some more soon - probably just as the boys have to go back to school.

Dawn said...

i never knew there was such a thing as pyjama envy but I definately have it!
Am loving these lazy mornings too!

Shannon said...

Popped over from attic 24, and just wanted to say hello; completely enjoyed your photos and thoughts. Happy New Year!

Tudor Rose said...

hello i`m new to this blogging lark, have been reading yours for a while and always enjoy them love all the photos too !! kind regards

MelMel said...

I love the new PJS!!!

Happy NY!XXX

Quilt it and Dotty said...

I get quite sentimental on your wintery pictures of the English countryside. Whish I was there now...

They say I create a little britain at my home; and in my shop; . And in the mean time I come an check you out and get some inspiration and dream about a life in Britain.


Sophie - Chez Sophie said...

Happy New Year, I hope 2010 brings you & your family every thing you wish for.
Luv Sophie xxx
PS arn't PJ's just the best xxx