Saturday 2 January 2010

Making Plans

This always happens with me. The decorations aren't even down yet and already I've got Spring on my brain. Not that I'm going to do anything very physical or practical about it though. Nope, this is the season for day dreaming and making plans. So my favourite gardening books are out, I've ordered the seed potatoes and had a good think about where I can set my hollyhock seeds off.

But the problem is that it doesn't stop there. Its not just the garden I'm making plans for. Oh dearie me no. You see the spirit of "out with the old and in with the new" tends to grab me quite severely and I can't sort of stop planning. I'm sure most of it will never get tackled but I do like that feeling of having a good old brain clear out and looking forward
Here's the list so far:
~ find out how cheaply we could get the bathroom retiled for
~ look for a new car before ours grinds to a complete halt
~ pay the balance for the summer holiday in Cornwall
~ talk to friends about a bit of a event idea I've been thinking over
~ ring the cats home to see if they've got any kittens!
~ decorate the living room and find some nice paper for our bedroom
~ turn the shed into a sort of summerhouse

I'm no good at resolutions, can't think of one I've stuck to yet but plans, ahhh now this is more me. I can make all sorts of plans, ambitions and wishes but because these aren't the sort of things that have to be stuck to, well there's none of that awful guilt if they don't all get ticked off.

My main plans for last year were to discover more of the footpaths around our parish and find a decent, ordinary cookbook to liven up mealtimes a bit. And we've actually ticked these off, because they're fun and interesting and not painful or punishing. Life's hectic and busy enough without making it harder if you ask me, especially in January when its all I can do to drag myself out from under the eiderdown.

So here's to plans and lots more fun for two thousand and ten. Although to be honest we're not getting anywhere very fast yet though. It looks like this again outside. We're snowed in and the village is properly cut off. It came out of nowhere, inside an hour.

Poor old Woody is battling his way home from town on foot after abandoning the car. Winter keeps tightening its grip it seems. Stay cosy and hope you're having a Happy, Happy New Year!


...Nina Nixon... said...

Hi Steph,

I hope Woody makes it home soon?

Like you I love to plan - that's the best part, but putting into action I am absolutely pants at!

Though I can say here's to the new year and definitely out with the old and in with the new,

take care 'Happy New Year'

and happy 2010.

take care,

Nina xxxxxxxxxx

Valentine Hearts said...

Love your plans for the New Year, I am determined to try and keep to mine this year.

The snow looks beautiful, the village so pretty covered in it. We keep being promised this snowy picture and so far we haven't had even a hint of snow...I don't think we will now.
Hope you all keep safe and warm!

Best wishes for the New Year

pippasmum said...

Oooh, looking at gardening books would be such a great way to spend some time today. I am over in Canada and we got a dumping of snow yesterday followed by frigid temperatures today - dreaming about roses might be just the trick!
Happy New Year!

driftwood said...

happy new year, hope it is a great one for you.
we had to abandon our car yesterday as we couldnt get through the snow, hope you aren't cut off for too long, although as long as we are warm and have enough milk for endless cups of tea I'm quite enjoying being stuck at home xxxx

Dawn said...

Happy New Year!
Your to do list is a bit like mine! Except change kitten to puppy and bathroom to kitchen.
Can't wait to get planting too!
Hope your snow doesn't linger, but don't send it my way :)

Knittings Nice! said...

Plans are good, love things to look foward to. Mind you January snow eeekkk!...its ok being snowed in for a while but ongoing, still keep snuggly and warm.

Lyn said...

Ive just posted about our plans, plans are good. I like the one you made about getting a kitten! We too want to plan the garden a bit in 2010.

VintageVicki said...

Have been giving thought to plans for 2010 too - including painting our bedroom and what I might like to grow in the garden.

Hope your snow goes soon - don't send it eastwards as am bored of winter now - am looking daily for signs of spring!!

Joanne said...

Love the ideas of your plans for the year you could be very busy.
Love the photo of the white covered village, we've yet to have the snow.
Hope woody gets home safe.

MelMel said...


We had a smattering of snow today, took my niece out but it haf turned mostly to slush by then.....

I think you have some good plans to make your way through, I like the idea of a kitten, we have had such joy with Pickle.....pets are such a lovely idea, especially lovely for children....

Happy New Year...xx

Anonymous said...

OHHHH, snowed wonderful. Send some my way to east Sussex so that school will be shut and work will be cancelled. Those unexpected days off are just what the Dr ordered! x

bellaboo said...

I love to start planning at this time of year too.It's like new year ,new start isn't it? I don't make resolutions as I never stick to them either.Hope you manage to achieve some of your dreams this year.


Garden Girl said...

heehee, we are so alike, I have my pile of gardening books next to me on one side, cookbooks on the other, and am planning interesting new meals on one page, and what veggies to plant on another!the seed catalogue is looking decidedly dog eared, and I am weighing up whether I really need to invest in two varieties of dwarf aubergines(when I don't actually like them much) or not?!
Also considering painting shed in summer house type colours,and planning a new kitchen! all very exciting stuff. Now that I've told you I don't need to write a blog!

Garden Girl said...

OH! and I almost forgot, we booked our holiday to Cornwall last night! Hurrah!x

Bertie Meadows said...

I love making plans, and yours is such a lovely list. I hope you have fun this year ticking them off.
Bertie x

salty pebble said...

** happy new year**
yes a new year brings with it a long 'to do' listy and a fresh start...i love starting a new journal for the year writing down all my good intensions- even if its just the thought it gives me a smile and abit of determination ;0)

You have a beautiful home...and even tho i know snow causes such struggles it does look so very pretty in your piccys- you have a wonderful blog ;0)xx
i can see why u love holidays in Cornwall...beautiful place! im in Devon and visit often ;0)x

periwinkle said...

hope Woody made it home safely... I'd be interested in the cookbook you found as that's exactly what I'm looking for .

Helsie said...

There seems to be a lot of Spring dreaming out there in Wintery blogland.
Sounds like you have had a lovely time and outside looks oh so pretty to me.
This morning it is very hot here and it is building up to thunder storms later in the day so I hope we get our BBQ lunch with friends in before they hit

A Rose Without A Thorn said...

I have such winter envy, I know I should be grateful being here in Florida but I do miss England. My mum is in Yorkshire and she was telling me about all of the snow. I am such a sad ex pat that I even have my vintage eiderdowns on my beds even in sunny Florida. They make me thing of England and feel snuggly soft. On a scale of 1-10 how daft am I :), Maureen...

MyCretanlife said...

Cor, I don't envy you been snowed in. Hope Woody made it home safely. I am a list writer also. Some things big, somethings small.
The weather here has been really hot not like last year when it was wet, cold and dreary. Its has been up in the mid 20's for a few weeks now. Not very Christmasy I know, but we have enjoyed it....
Happy list writing

Hen said...

Happy New Year, Steph! The snow looks fab though I know the practicalities of it are a nightmare. Do hope you find some kittens, that would be super cute! This time of year does make you impatient to get on with new plans, I think. Our bedroom has to be first on my revamping list.
Hen xxx

harmony and rosie said...

Thought I'd pop in to say hello. Your photos of all that snow look so lovely but then when you mention your husband having to walk home you remember just what a nuisance it can be. Like you, I'm a list maker but there aren't too many ticks on mine I'm afraid!

Happy New Year - I assume your husband made it home by now!!!


saraeden said...

Happy New Year to you and your family !

I do hope all your plans workout .

Sara x

prettyshabby said...

Happy new year Steph! roll on spring I say, its my absolute favourite time of year when everything is new and fresh and I can plan the flower I know a lady who has literally just asked me 10 minutes ago if I know anyone who would like a ginger kitten, her cat has just had 4! how far are you from Wales?! Enjoy the snow..we seem to be missing all this extreme weather but it's still mighty chilly! xx

prettyshabby said...

ps, meant to say how much I love that photo of your bed in the post below..all those soft reds and scrummy eiderdowns look gorgeous! x

Sam said...

I think you should put the 'get kitten' at the top of the list! xx

sam xx

kirsty said...

I've just discovered your blog and it's delightful! Look forward to reading more...Happy New Year and best wishes from Cornwall (I think I recognise some of your photos!)

driftwood said...

glad woody made it home safe, we've had more snow, and a snow day here today, think there's more snow for everyone tomorrow if the met office have it right, stay warm xxx

French Knots said...

I love planning and list making too and the beginning of the year is the perfect time isn't it? I hope to grow something other than weeds on my allotment this year!!
And what is the event you are planning - sounds exciting!