Wednesday 31 March 2010


Thank goodness it's the holidays again. My two are absolutely worn out, run ragged and generally run down. They're ready for a rest and so are we. Shame the weather's not up to much. Today has been positively grim with sleet and hail filled storms lashing our valley and gnawing at my bones with damp, chill cold.
Brrrrr. Not nice. But inside our home feels very cheery and cosy. After a morning battling the elements in town it was a joy to come home, snuggle in, pop a few pretty things about the place and knock up soup and sanwiches for a snuggly lunch with my littlest boy and my chap (the eldest still being at school).
There seems to be a glut of my most favourites daffs around at the moment. These beautiful sungolds smell divine and bring a bolt of welcome sunshine on such a dismal, dreary day.

Hope it cheers up a bit soon. We've got a "rare-as-hen's-teeth" day to ourselves on Friday as the boys usual end of the week treat (tea with Grandma and Grandad) is being extended for the whole day.
There are lists as long as both my arms of stuff that needs to be done (decorating, cleaning, shopping - you name it, it's on there) but we're being rebels and will either spend it up at the allotment if it's fine, or else pootling about musty bookshops in the rain and searching for a cosy place for coffee.
Lunch with the family beckons on Sunday and a big service up at St Edward's later on and hopefully we'll squeeze a visit to a favourite, hill top farm for the lambing festival on Saturday. So come on Mr Sunshine, get your act together - or else!

Have a lovely Easter weekendxx

P.S Katy reminded me that I hadn't mentioned our London trip, seive for a brain that I am thesedays!

Well it was a great experience, apart from the small incident of leaving a much-adored bear on the platform at Stoke station! Thanks to a most marvellous Virgin Trains guard (or train manager or whatever they're called thesedays), Brown Teddy got to spend a wonderful day scoffing pop and crisps in the Customer Services office (Lost Property to you and me). A big PHEW all round let me tell you - I swear the world stopped for a minute.

We only spend around and 2 1/2 hours in The Smoke and literally had lunch and saw the dinosaurs, plenty of excitment for our two though. Cath, the V&A and Liberty and some favourite haunts from the days back when I was a city girl for a while, are on my list for a grown's up trip some day soon.


busybusybeejay said...

It's been snowing here in North Wales as well.Will this winter ever end?My garden is so confused !
Enjoy the Easter break from school.

Jacquie said...

Your Easter decorations are adorable !! It's been freezing here in Nottinghamshire too.
I've got lots of Daffs in the house ,but I must look out for Sungolds ,they are beautiful :0)

harmony and rosie said...

Love your cheery photos today, just what I needed to see - it's so miserable at the moment. I notice you have a little Silvac bunny - I bought a Silvac pot holder not so long ago with little bunnies on it, I love it.

Happy holidays!

Kate x

dottycookie said...

Oh, it does look wonderful in your home at the moment! Our holidays start after school tomorrow, and cannot come a moment too soon. I am seriously considering pulling my smaller one out tomorrow - she's completely done in.

Glad Brown Teddy survived his ordeal!

Katy Noelle said...

Your pictures are so cheery and sunshiny as usual. It's hard to believe that it's cold and dreary outside! Believe you, I do, however.

[aside: my youngest son just asked me where his sunday school stuff that he made is. "You know, the one with the manger." Ack!]

"Gasp" about the teddy bear but I'm glad that he had such a fun outing too.

And, is that THE Hill Top Farm?!?!?! I hope you have one of those "just right" and "stretched on" kind of days.

Love, Katy

Anonymous said...

Your blog always makes me smile! Your house is so pretty.. :) x Love those hanging eggies! xx

Charlotte said...

Everything looks lovely and you've given me quite a craving for Cadbury's! I hope the weather cooperates with your plans. I think I spy Sophie Dahl's cookbook on the shelf..what do you think of it? I've seen mixed reviews but I'm curious....


claire said...

gorgeous photo's easter tree is looking a bit bare - must finish the half made chickens!!
Enjoy your child free day...I am hoping for one of those myself during the Easter Break!! And ooh don't waste it doing boring jobs!!!
We plan to take our small boys to see the dinos in the smoke this summer..I'm hoping I can do Cath and Liberty too..hmm maybe a bit hopeful!!
Have a great Easter xx

French Knots said...

My children broke up last Firday and were certainly ready for a rest, shame the weather has gone back to winter so they can't play out much.
Your pictures look lovely and cheerful, a great antidote to grey days.xx

...Nina Nixon... said...

Last day today for my wee ones, then two weeks of no more getting up at 6am, no more routine just pj's chocolate eggs, lazy mornings and hopefully some sunny walks - fingers crossed.

Have a lovely day,

Nina x

Hesta Nesta said...

Love your Easter decorations, they are so cheery. It's freezing cold here in Derbyshire too, and can you believe it, the first of April and we have got snow!!! Only a small amount, but still snow, in April, couldn't believe it! Thank goodness brown teddy was found.
Have a lovely Easter
Jo xx

Pipany said...

Steph, it all looks gorgeous and so needed in this freezing weather. Hope you have a lovely day on Friday and the sun shines for you. xx

melanie said...

Your home looks so Easterish, snug and cosy. A very lovely home. xxx

Dawn said...

Have a lovely Easter!

Clover Yard said...

Hello Steph, lovely to catch up with your blog and all your spring loveliness around your home. Yes, the weather is a bit odd right now 14 degrees to zero in one week, it's all over the place! Very sad too to hear about Elspeth Thompson - I only just read about it and had to compose myself to then go and pick the wee one up from school. So sad. On a lighter note, we had a funny encounter at the lost property office too. My mother managed to lose her shoe down the gap when she was boarding the train in Edinburgh and had to hop her way back to the car at the other end! The lovely train guard saw to it that her shoe was retrieved and she collected it a week later. She got jibed rotten with Cinderella remarks. Tee hee. Have a lovely Easter all of you. Carolx

Country Style Living said...

Great Easter decorations...we are looking forward to the school holidays too. Have a lovely Easter.

sarah-jane down the lane said...

I know what you mean about feeling a nbit limp and bedraggled!

A Happy EASTER break is required all round. Hope you have alovely day on Friday,

Happy Easter,

Sarah x

Anonymous said...

A lovely inspiring post, with such pretty photos. I'm with you re end of term: my two have been exhausted as well recently and we are much in need of a quiet week at home. Bring on the chocolate!
Have a happy Easter, hope you find some lambs.

Anonymous said...

such a pretty post. i think this is the very best time of year :o)