Thursday 26 April 2012

Water, Water everywhere

This what happens when a drought is declared in England. The heavens open and it rains and rains and rains.
In 1976 it took the appointment of a Minister for Drought to bring on the wet stuff. Not sure who was doing the rain dance this time around but just as the hosepipes were banned, the water came at last.
Its been pretty torrential for a good week or so now. I'm quite enjoying it to be honest.The right weather at the right time of year for once and the plants are surging on at last. Its time for April showers after all.

I had a quick walk down by the river tonight. The rain was so hard its made all my shots go blurry. The river is higher than I've seen it a long time and  when I drove over the bridge this morning it looked like the little picnic island was about to be swamped, but by tea time the flood had fallen back a little. Safe.
It was fantastic to be out in the rain after yet another day cooped up in our stuffy office. No wind just straight down stair rods and the sounds of sploshing and splishing. There's a beautiful wash of green beginning to cover the trees and hedgerows and its brightness and zest is always amazing after a long, brown winter.

And why is it that birds sing so loudly in the pouring rain? The air was absolutely thick with robins singing their hearts out, along with blackbirds and thrushes.
Back at home there's a familiar flush of the brightest blue in the garden and I had to bring in a few for the mantlepiece. Picking flowers I've grown myself is one of my favourite treats. Forget-me-nots remind me of the garden at the house where I grew up. Briar Cliffe forget-me-nots for a rainy day.


Bobo Bun said...

Lovely to hear your voice in a post again Steph, but I'm going to be a real grumpy pants and not join you in celebrating so much rain. A bit's ok, but as we've no heating at the moment I just can't get washing dry. Not funny when I'm searching in the knicker drawer and it looks a bit empty. What a moaner hey.

I do love your pictures though as your wet stuff looks better than ours.

Always loved forget-me-nots since I was wee.

Lisa X

Rose H (UK) said...

Hi Steph, what an upbeat rain post! I have to say it's been getting me down a little, but I shall look upon it with new eyes from now on, thank you :o)
I love forget me nots too, and have an abundance of them in the garden - all from the single packet I bought 34 years ago when we moved in :o)
Have a great weekend.
Rose H

Helsie said...

I love the sound of rain too. Those forget-me-nots are so pretty.

Claire said...

Hey Steph, so glad to read the rain has arrived.
I can't imagine lush, green England in drought. We had twelve years of it and it can be very dreary and depressing.........

How wonderful hearing the birds thanks for the rain maybe!

A little quote I read this morning ' some people walk in the rain, others get wet' it..

Claire :}

Christina Wall said...

So happy that you all have been getting rain. We've had a bit of a warm & dry spring. Very unusual for us in the USA midwest. I too just love the sound of rain and how gray skies make the colors outdoors so vivid.
stay well!

jamsandwich said...

Here in Melbourne (Oz) we had more than a decade of drought and they had to start building a desalination plant before it broke! This week there has been lots of rain and it's lovely. Time to search out gumboots for splashing in puddles.
I remember my 6 year old last year just standing in the rain in the garden in amazement having seen very little of it in his lifetime.
Everything looks fresher and sharper after the rain.

Karen said...

They are just such perfect little flowers and are popping up everywhere in our garden too. I love the rain its making our grass so vibrant and lush. The winds a bit much though! Bet your boys like splashing in the puddles. Karen X

DEB said...

Coming from Australia, I never imagined that the UK could ever have droughts as I imagine it to be a bit rainy to put it mildly. Love your Forget-me-nots.

My Norfolk Life said...

I kind of like the rain too - it makes it ok to stay inside with PJs, Hot Tea and plenty of making time!

Mary Anne Komar said...

This brings back so many lovely memories of living near Banbury, loved the rain and the air smelled so good, then the mist in the morning, the birds singing, well maybe if I close my eyes I can pretend I'm back in Byfield! Thanks so much for great pics and wonderful descriptions!

Frances said...

Your rainy day photos are beautifully green!

That sweet little bouquet of forget me not flowers is exquisite. Would you mind if I eventually return to this photo to use it for a drawing or watercolor study?

Mind you, I have no idea when that available window of creative time might arrive, but so liked your photo, I thought I'd type this message right now. xo

Miss Holly said...

I absolutely adore rainy days...I know I am in the real real real minority...but...I really do ...sadly we are in a real drought...we just had rain...but before that it was Jan when we had any real precipitation , is lovely to see your name in the reader...oh and where is your header pic from....your back yard or is so so so beautiful....enjoy the green!

Alex said...

Here in my small corner of the world I actually control the rain! What I do is this - if I want it to rain I put all my washing out on the line and forget to take an umbrella with me when I go out, and when I want it to be dry, I hang my washing up under cover and take the brolly!

Works like a charm every time!!!!!

I am enjoying looking at your gorgeous pics while it pours with rain outside - and yes, I have washing hanging on the line!

Alex x

Country Rabbit said...

hello lovely steph, i loved your swollen river walk you took me on, wowza! and your little picnic island...your railway staying always make me swoon as i have a 'thing' for the old vintage stations!...luckily in Devon we've had a lot of delightful sunshine in between the stormy wet clouds...Why does it always rain on the school runs??!.
Walking to school in a thunderstorm over our heads made it superly exciting for my daughter- A few squeel's of excitement...while mummy got soaked through to her undies as i was too afraid to put my umbrella up...tehe!

Beautiful forget-me-nots. I too grew up remembering a carpet of them on the borders of our large family home garden- joy!.

x kazzy x

Caro said...

Your forget-me-nots are so cheerful, I think I'll go and pick a small indoor bunch for myself before the next downpour. As a veg grower, I'm relishing this rain, sending a lovely reviving drink down to the roots of my fruit trees. I'm hoping for a bumper harvest after this!

my4lilgirls said...

I'm gonna see a rainy day from a whole new point of view from now on, I'll listen for the birds :).
Such a lovely post
Thank you
Karen x

Tracey@Breathing English Air said...

It's the 'wrong kind of rain' apparently, and the hosepipe ban stays!
I too have enjoyed the rain, it has brought the garden on a treat, but I am hoping for s few sunnier days now.

Tangled Sweetpea said...

Lovely post. Forget-me-nots, such pretty flowers? Love the sound and smell of rain but would like to see the sunshine return now :)
Victoria xx

Coco Rose Diaries said...

Beautiful post! I adore your pictures. I have LOVED the rain we have been having. Everyone is moaning about it, but embrace it is what I say! We need it and we've had two really dry winters. Everything looks so lush after a good rainfall, and the smell of wet earth and soaking pavements is really rather lovely! I think maybe i'm in the minority on this so maybe i'll quit whilst i'm ahead! ha ha!

The forget-me-nots are so beautiful. Such happy little souls.

Have a beautiful, if wet day!

Vanessa xxx

LandGirl1980 said...

Isn't that always the way? They declare a "drought" and then the heavens open. Not that it will make all that much difference according to the various farming programmes I watch :(

Such pretty forget-me-nots :)

KC'sCourt! said...

I was working in the West End of London in the summer of 1976, and remember the Minister of Drought being appointed!
I love Forget-Me-Knots, they grow wild in my garden!
Julie xxxxxxxxx

Pat said...

Hi Steph

I'm new to your blog and really like it as I also live in the UK. I enjoy the sound and smell of rain but could do with dry days to plant up my seedlings and hubby wants to cut a hedge but won't use the electric trimmer while it's wet. I wonder why!!

We have forget-me-nots in our garden which have all self-seeded and the little front area of our church is a carpet of blue. Love them.

best wishes
Pat in wet Norfolk

Unknown said...

That is it - you have inspired me! I have been a moaner up until now. Blogged about my moan in fact. But the problem is that I have felt stuck indoors looking at grey. This weekend - whatever the weather - I am going for a walk to remember what beauty surrounds me! thankyou Steph x

Barri-Jayne said...

Beautiful post and gorgeous photos.
I keep telling myself that it's just April showers and it'll be May soon. I work in a school and it's hard for the children as it always seems to chuck it down as soon as it's break and lunch time, which means we're all stuck inside. But, hey! It will be May soon...

Barrina x

bellaboo said...

I noticed some little forget-me-nots peeping through the grass in my garden yesterday,the wind must have blown the seeds and they had grown there where they had fallen.I know we do need the rain desperately,but it's no fun when you've got a dog needing to be walked...whatever the weather!
Have a happy(and hopefully drier) weekend! :0)

Katy Noelle said...

We've had the very same experience, here, in New England. Although, perhaps, our drought wasn't quite as long as yours and, then, it's just been beautifully steady rain - not quite the flood of epic proportions that I've been hearing about from you all. but, it's wonderful how things green up! =D

In February, I was observing how I hated the rainy days - I felt so depressed. I was worried - what was wrong with me? Usually, I love a rain storm. What was wrong was that, apparently, it needs to be an APRIL shower - absolutely lovely! =]

but, you've put it all so well with your own words. I'm just nodding my head in agreement with mine.

I love forget-me-nots but have never had a chance to grow them in my own garden. I have three packets of seeds by my side, at this very moment. I so hope they work!!! It's a bit early for us, still, though. In the meantime, I'm enjoying yours - living vicariously again... =]


itsjustperi said...

It seems to me as though the rain has never stopped but you can guarantee that the minute I finish work and head up to collect the boys from school the heavens open so we get drenched lol

dottycookie said...

Lovely cheerful post - I promise to try to be be more upbeat about the rain tomorrow, I've been moaning a lot about it today!

Jay said...

I live near to a river and this week we have had flood warnings,... at the same time as a hosepipe ban!!! Lovely pictures by the way.

Jill said...

You are so right the birds definitely sing louder in when it rains, and although I do love the sunshine, my garden is loving it!

baju muslim modis said...

Your photos are just amazing! I am so in love with them!

helen tilston said...

Such beautiful pictures and no doubt the flowers will follow the rain.
As your new follower, I am looking forward to future posts and look forward to you visit and comments

Helen xx

Anonymous said...

I loved the Briarcliffe forget-me-nots too... Love Mum xxx