Saturday 15 September 2012

Ahhh, September

At the beginning of September it feels like I let out a big sigh. I struggle with summer if I'm honest; the endless disappointing weather, hopes dashed, plans washed away in the floods. But September never disappoints and even surprises with balmy afternoons of golden light that floods the garden and burns away the morning's damp and chill.
Autumn is my natural season I think. There's almost nothing I like to do more than snuggle in at home with my boys around me, the fire lit, something tasty bubbling away on the hob and time for quiet, gentle pursuits.
Then there are the wild days of autumn to come that thrill me too. Days full of wind where the trees bend double, their leaves whipping across the garden, twirling and dancing as they fall. I love that mildly menacing air of winter knocking at the door. Sunday afternoon walks across the fields and into the wood are days for adventure, never knowing what autumn treasure you might bring home.
I blame Brambly Hedge and all those books I read when I was younger of woodland animals busily preparing to tuck themsleves away for the winter. I'd make a good woodmouse I think.
My garden feels like a bonus at this time of year. While the trees and fields are turning, my dahlias and asters and all types of daisies blaze away as the rest of the garden fades and they brighten up the table and the mantlepiece too.
When I leave the office at the end of the afternoon I can tell the light is fading earlier each day, I love it. I like to see the lights come on in houses on my journey home; cosy sitting rooms, families at the table, people drawing the curtains and settling into their nests for the evening.

At the weekend I love to turn on the lamps in the house when dusk falls and the football scores are coming in on the radio. On Saturdays we snuggle up together for tea by the fire with a favourite film and a tasty treat.
A new cookery book is on the kitchen shelf (Nigel Slater's latest - and it looks great!), favourite woolly jumpers, knitted tights, cabled hats and scarves have been turfed out from cupboards and replacement boots and wellies are by the door again. The freezer is bursting with pounds of stashed away blackberries and my fingers are crossed for crab apples too.

We've booked ourselves in for day trips to lovely Ludlow as ever, to Oxford and up to Richmond too. Some of our favourite places, perfect for pottering on a crisp autumn day and we've never had a wet trip yet.
Christmas is already on the horizon, plans and ideas are forming and I have this special treat on my birthday to look forward to with a very lovely friend...definitely the very best time of the year!


Naturally Carol said...

We are just finished with winter but this post makes me want to cosy up again and go straight to autumn!

rusty duck said...

As I read through your post I came to realise, probably for the first time, that as I get older I have come to appreciate autumn too.

And it is about the cosiness. Time to stop rushing about the garden and enjoy the longer evenings with heart warming food in front of the fire.

My Nigel Slater not here yet either. He's too popular!

Marina said...

What a great post Steph!, Ah yes Brambley Hedge, that was one of my all time favourites as a little girl and I love to read it to the children now..and Autumm is my favourite time of year..thoroughly enjoyed your post xx

Annie Cholewa said...

Ooh, this post totally speaks to me. Autumn has to be my favourite season too. Nothing beats it :)

A Whole Lotta Magic said...

Gorgeous post!

Who is Nigel Slater?


Rose Fern said...

Lovely post, beautiful photos. By contrast, I never have enough of summer. September means nothing more to me than getting back to routine , which is the worst thing for me! To make matters worse, this year is the first time that it rains and I haven't swam in the sea for 3 days and I'm going mad!!!

PS.I'm amazed to see that so many people love September. Here in Greece it's the most depressing month along with January! (needless to say that every month is depressing now with the recession, but anyway ;) )

Anonymous said...

I'm with you all the way on most of this, a lovely evocation of autumn. It's not cosy here though as I can't afford the heating, so it's drafts, icy blasts of cold air and hot water bottles and blankets and quite a bit of shivering. Even now, the temperature has dropped enough to be uncomfortable. In the days I could turn the heating on then yes, it was cosy and who cared about the weather outside? Now that infiltrates inside and I dread it. I know many people are no longer able to maintain warmth in their homes. Young and old. If you still can then you are fortunate.

The outdoor delights do remain though and I love scuffling though damp leaves and conkers and the moist air.

Sue said...

With you all the way Steph,I adore Autumn too,
Hope all's well with you
Best Wishes
Sue xxx

thriftwood said...

Lovely pictures, and I love your new header ... very seasonal! I'm going to the CL fair in Harrogate, I'm very excited!

Enjoy your weekend, and love the sound of your Saturday evening ritual!


Country Rabbit said...

i could never be tired of views of your wonderful landscape and garden- so much bloom and beauty ;0)
I have to admit i was a little cross when it decided to turn from nippy to heat wave today, i'd wrapped up too well and was way too hot!...the last of the wonderful wild flowers that were planted near by looked so pretty in the sunshine, but i do enjoy snuggling up in the Autumnal days that lay a head ...i've been making an apple crumble this eve with the farmers market apples. when i was a child we had a huge garden with plum and apple tree's- there is something wonderful about picking your own- I'll keep dreaming.
How wonderful the CL fair!!!! exciting!

Lovely photos steph! love the header too- so cosy and comforting x

Vintage Sheet Addict said...

Your words sum up Autumn beautifully and my feelings towards it to! Ada :)

bellaboo said...

That Nigel Slater is going on my Christmas list.I love all those things about the Autumn too.
Just came back from a lovely early evening walk with Bella and I wish I'd taken my camera,the sunlight over the corn fields was amazing.
Love your photos as always Steph.
Enjoy the weekend! :0)

Anonymous said...

wonderful post, I love the mellowness of the Autumn
Thea x

Justine said...

I love autumn too! You can never be disappointed with the weather and any warm days are a bonus to be savoured. And, of course, Christmas is on the way!
Love the sound of your Saturday evenings; think we should start doing the same.

harmony and rosie said...

I love your words about what is also my favorite season. So long as there is no rain, we've had enough of that. You've put me in the mood for buying dahlias in those wonderful shades, alas no such beauties in our garden!

Bobo Bun said...

I adore autumnm but then when I think about I love each season Steph. To me that's what I love most about our country, how we can mark the year with changing landscapes, festivals, food, things to do and the plants we see. At the momene we're planning a foraging trip as we fancy making some rosehip syrup this year along with the usual sloe gin all medicinal.


Laura said...

This post encapsulates everything I love about Autumn. That and the smell of bonfires in the air, cobwebs glistening from every branch and the damp smell of leaves. It's a little different now I am here in the States, with *Fall* starting much later in the year and the first pumpkin on a stoop being the sure sign that Autumn is here, but whenever I close my eyes and think of Autumn, I'm always taken back to my old village back home and the walk to school on an Autumn day. Lx

Ann said...

I love your post. Autumn and Winter are my favourite seasons, love the cosiness! Although it's still quite mild down here in Devon, so no fires etc for a while yet!

Grammy Braxton said...

Your post says all I feel about Autumn. I love this season and I think I love it more as I get older. The fact that I am now retired and can stay home and watch the seasons change and get ready to wrap up for winter makes it even more special. Thanks for a lovely post.


Sabrina said...

I was directed to your blog by a post at Little Jenny Wren's blog. I live in the NW corner of the US, and I have to tell you I feel exactly the way you do about Autumn. I always enjoy the change in the weather and the getting back to our routines. Fall is busy around here with sports, but at the same time, it kind of slows us down-thankfully. Unfortunately, the weather here isn't very autumn-like yet . . . warm daytime temps and no rain in site. Not very common around here this time of year, and I am waiting anxiously for the rain!

I also so much agree with you about looking into other peoples' homes and enjoying seeing them settle in for the night. Love it!

Maria said...

your post was inviting and even has me beginning to like the season approaching.....
If truth be told autumn can make me sad!
But thank you for pointing out all the lovely bits of the season...
Wishing you a lovely rest of weekx
Maria xordntsm

Rose H (UK) said...

What a sweet post Steph. Autumn is THE best season, and September the best month!
Rose H

Christina Wall @ CCKnits said...

me too! Love Autumn - definately feel more at home in autumn than summer. So happy it's finally here - especially since we had a nasty drought this year!

And yes, I'm beginning to dream of Christmas crafts too... so glad I'm not the only one!

brookeslay said...

Great Post Steph your blog comes alive in the `bers. Love to see your cosy clothes hanging up like you do with summer dresses sometimes. Can you also please tell me the make of those lovely cups on your header they are divine.

Anonymous said...

Oh my goodness, those flowers are just gorgeous. I seem to be spoilt by your lovely blog xo

Jo said...

Oh, I LOVE autumn too and this lovely post was so evocative. Thank you!

Hen said...

You make Autumn seem more attractive, Steph, but I do miss Summer. The weather is foul here today! I love Nigel Slater's books, they're a good read as well as a recipe book, I find. I'm off to the very same place on our special day, it would be lovely to see you if you think you'll get the chance.
Hen (your fellow birthday girl!) xxx

Sophia Merrill said...

I couldn't agree more! Here in the Western United States we are still having the last heat wave; I'm so ready for Fall to arrive! I so enjoy reading your posts...they take me away on wonderful journeys! Thank you for sharing your corner of the world with us all. - Sophia