Saturday 10 November 2012

Whizz, Bang!

I don't know about you but I have absolutely no idea where the year is disappearing too!

It was only 5 minutes ago since we were buying new uniforms and having mild wobbles about middle schools, buses and homework but already now I'm buying Christmas cards and putting in orders.

Must be true, time definitely flies when you're having fun and since we spent that Saturday with the geese and swans there's been such fun at No. 25.

Half term whizzed by and I had a lovely time at home with my manems cutting and sticking, baking and loafing about. Hallowe'en is fairly low key here but we carved a pumkin, the boys dressed up and some kind neighbours dished up sweeties.

Bonfire Night is much more fun though I think. We have a little tradition now of inviting our good friends over for a tea of jacket potatoes, chilli, ginger cake and delicious mulled cider. The menfolk take charge of the fireworks while the ladies do our best to keep three over excited boys in check (not easy!)

We were having such a good time this year we completely missed the start of the village bonfire at the top of the hill, so we watched their amazing display from our back garden while our more modest fireworks went off too.
And then it was my birthday and I've been a very lucky girl. New Fat Face pyjamas, brilliant books, cosy slippers and my favourite toiletries - perfect. Then I headed down to London with my smashing friend for a day at the Country Living Christmas Fair.

I can get rather over excited about these sort of big events and inevitably end up disappointed but it was a total joy to find the Fair even more than I'd hoped it would be; inspiring, atmospheric and full of treasures. There was row upon row of real artisans, craftpeople and artists displaying such beautful wares it made me gasp. And most of it was pretty fairly priced considering the amount of work on display. I absolutely loved it!

P and I made a pact that we wouldn't buy anything that we could pick up at home or in a garden centre/supermarket and to be honest that didn't narrow things down all that much! I came home with a much longed for braided rug, some cermaic, hand painted tree decorations and beautiful candles. Sadly I ran out of funds for the stained glass and knitted paper chains but I might just have a go at making some of those myself.

Even the lunch was amazing; baked salmon, delicious salad and puy lentils with beetroot and for a lower price that I'd expect to pay for any main course in London. So all in all a wonderful day and a smashing few weeks. Can't wait for the next few to come - so much to pack in though!

P.S. Time is ridiculously short and working full time means I don't often get online to catch up with blogging. Thank you so very much for all your lovely comments. I read and treasure them all and I'm really sorry if you've asked me a question and I've not got back to you. Hope you'll forgive


Curlew Country said...

Me to usually sure which is why I rarely go to anything organised.this was so different though, busy but not insane, we got to see everything and the afternoon was rather quiet.glad you like the bat biscuits, they tasted pretty poor though!

Carol said...

Some years since I've been to the CL Fair, it sounds like it is better than it used to be. Nice to find something you have been wanting such as your braided rug.
Yes, someone has been stealing our time again! I'd like to know who is stockpiling it all.
Carol xx

Unknown said...

I have only just discovered your blog and am enchanted by your countryside and delightful words. Thank you for sharing yourself with us! Elizabeth

Country Rabbit said...

How wonderful steph!,

I love your posts...I Love the way you write...and your homely goings on fill me with warmth. I love the bat biscuits too!!!! despite you saying they tasted poor- they look fantastic!...I find organised events here a little less community based and quite a walk to get to in the dark with a little we got snuggly turned the lights off and watched the neighbours colourful, noisy disply from the window. I loved home displays- we had many growing up. I bet your boys were squeeeeeling with happiness!!!!,
lovely birthday treats!, you look very snuggly.
hope you had a lovely birthday,
best wishes
x Kazzy x

LinenandRoses said...

I adore the Country Living Fair but I haven't been for quite a few years. Actually since I stopped living in London and became a Mummy. I really hope to go again in the not too distant future as we're only half an hour on the train into London. I always find it so inspiring and it really gets me in the mood to start the Christmas build up. Glad you had a lovely Birthday. That Monty Don book is definitely on my wish list. Fiona x

homegirl said...

wow! those slippers are so so gorgeous!!!
what a dream going to the country living fair, glad you got to take home some goodies.
your blog is lovely and the photos are beautiful.
have a good week.

Bobo Bun said...

Hi Steph

I miss your posts too, but I know how impossible it is when you're working full-time, family and you come first. Glad you're still popping in now and again as you've always been one of my favourite blogs.

Glad you enjoyed the CL Fair. I've not been for a few years now and keep saying I'll pop up for the christmas one and then miss it each time. Mind you the Selvedge one looks fabulous too. Must drag myself out of Norfolk one day soon. I fear I've become the thing I dreaded when we moved here and that's a hick who fears the big wide world!

Hope you manage to show some of your christmas preps as I'm a nosy old thing.

Oh and belated happy birthday.


Katy Noelle said...

Ah, Steff! A post from you was all I needed as a reward for a long day of house and garden work. It makes the cozy and homey day complete!

I love hearing from over the pond about all of the bonfires in Nov. I know about Guy Fawkes but it all seems like a mysterious celebration to me - but it just sounds like a perfect celebration for this month. Thanksgiving is just right for us in the same way. We've been doing our own fireworks on the fourth of July in our backyard. I don't know.... face the cold in Nov. with a bonfire? or face the mosquitoes in July.... =/

and, your news is so pleasant and festive - being able to go to the fair AND get something.... very fun!

....and I know what you mean about so much that's wonderful to cram into the next few weeks.... phew! but it's all good!!!!

So, take care! Glad you do have that job but glad that you had a moment to post!


Katy xxo

Claire/Just a little less said...

A great update. Jam packed with autumnal loveliness xo

...Nina Nixon... said...

Happy belated birthday Steph - I do like your new FF pj's.

We used to always have a bonfire party at ours, but when the smallest came along (born on the 1st Nov) we couldn't hold it for a couple of years and no one took it up so it kind of fell by the way - I really must try and organize again as it was such a lovely evening.

Nina x

Stephanie said...

I have been following your blog for quite some times... I haven't post a comment often... I am a bit late, but still wish you a very Happy Birthday. I am living a bit far, but I would so love to go to one of the Country Living fair, especially the Xmas one! Hope your week is good.