Saturday 27 April 2013

Not the Bahamas...but Blackpool

Well Lytham St. Anne's actually, Woody's childhood stamping ground. We've had a lovely afternoon at the fantastic Blackpool Zoo which, although I'm not all that comfortable with zoos to be honest, it is a brilliant place with animals rescued from circuses and projects to save endangered species.
Afterwards we did one of our regular tours of Woody's old haunts and as ever ended up by the sea, eating fish and chips.
We sat with our backs to the breeze while the boys raced around the dunes.
Such a shame most of the old Victorian bits of the pier are few and far between. A lot of uPVC these days but the struts and supports are still a pretty impressive monument to some extraordinary engineering. I loved exploring it but the warning signs kept me well back.
Oh I do like to be beside the seaside.
And even if its not the Atlantic coast, the Fylde bit will do x


silverpebble said...

What a cheery seaside post Steph. I expect you can guess which is my favourite photograph.

driftwood said...

gorgeous. the skies. the sand dunes. the shells. just gorgeous

Vintage Tea Time said...

A lovely post. We used to go to Blackpool a lot when I was young - we lived near Manchester and used to go for the day. I wish I lived by the sea now! x

Miss Holly said...

Oh how beautiful!! I think I would perish if I didn't live near the ocean...your pictures are wonderful!!

thrift deluxe said...

I love seeing other folk's pictures of "my" beach, thanks :)

haggiz said...

I've never been to Lytham or Blackpool, the beaches look fantastic though Julie x

Mum said...

Wonderful bit of coastline, isn't it. I, too, love seeing other people's pictures of my area around Blackpool.
Love from Mum

rusty duck said...

Love that top photo, and how nice to be able to go when it is so quiet - it looks like you had the beach pretty much to yourselves!

Frances said...

You've taken me to part of your country that I've never visited in person. I think that if I'd been there, my eyes would have been attracted to similar sights that appear in your photos. Thank you so much for these pictures.

One day I may be lucky and be able to have some fish and chips by the sea.

Those sea shells in your palm are truly treasures.


Claire/Just a little less said...

The sand looks beautiful - love the pattern of footprints in the dunes xo

...Nina Nixon... said...

For the first time this year (this past week) I've actually fancied going down to the beach...just to potter around - it must be that beach time of year again.

Gorgeous pics,

Nina x

Nata per sognare said...

Wonderful place, beautiful images.