Sunday 5 May 2013

Along the Riverbank

Oh its been a long time coming hasn't it! Finally, finally, a warm, dry, calm Bank Holiday weekend after the worst of summers and the coldest, longest winter.
So we were out again. Not many homey posts on the blog these past few weeks, I've been sick of the place to be honest. And I've loved every, single second of being out! Beach last week, river this week, along a lovely Dale where my friend lives.
Despite some pretty loud grumbles from the smallest one  (sleepover in big brother's room = v.v.tired!) I just tuned out and listened to the birds singing and the babble of the river.
I've been a bit under the weather all weekend with a funny virus thing that makes my face burn and legs ache, but thanks to the wonder of Lemsip and fresh air, I'm feeling tons better now.
Being down by the river was the best medicine in the world. We sat for ages watching a dipper snatch sticklebacks from the shallows and feed them to her baby.
And the colours are coming at long last! Flushes of blue forget-me-nots along the green river bank and foaming cow parsley on the way up too.
Ooh I fancied a kayak on this still part of the river. Its a lovely spot here, the river is crystal clear and shallow in most parts, but there's a lovely swimming spot that (if we ever get a scorching summer day again) I might just have to visit for a dip. The meadows alongside are perfect for picnics. Roll on summer I say.
It felt like a real blessing today. Just what we all needed (even the grumpy smallest one in the end who, once he'd remembered how much fun paddling is, was transformed).
A beautiful day xxx


Happy Homebird said...

So gorgeous, what a lovely walk. I must venture out to our local river, the Weaver. I've been hiding away indoors and need to start getting out.

DebbyMc said...

What a gorgeous place to spend such a lovely day!

Joy said...

Thank you so much for showing these lovely photos - makes me homesick (after 47 years, I guess you never forget the things you enjoyed as a child). Joy

Lisa said...

I agree wholeheartedly with you about being fed up with being indoors, it has been a such a treat finally being outdoors and feeling that sun on our faces again.
Lisa x

sweetbriardreams said...

After two weeks with this awful virus, it's lovely to be out and about especially on a warm sunny bank holiday Monday...makes a change! Your walk looks idyllic, you live in a wonderful part of the country. Chel x

bellaboo said...

Such wonderful pictures...looks like my perfect day.
Hope you're feeling better now.

Bellaboo X

Country Rabbit said...

oh my steph sooo much beauty~ thanks for sharing~ i loved your photography and descriptions ;0)x

Ali said...

The sunshine this weekend really was a tonic for the soul - how lovely to have the photos to remember it by.

the running wave said...

What a lovely walk you have had! There's nothing quite like water for getting little boys involved! I recently took my grandchildren to mess around in a small stream near us. They built an impressive dam out of sticks and leaves - it's still there! The other joy of that particular walk is the abundance of wild garlic - if you are interested you might like to check out my blog when I recently wrote about that yummy ingredient! Love your blog and having been reading it for a long time now.

Sian said...

Beautiful photos - it looks like a truly idyllic place to have spent a sunny day. May we have many more of them!

Unknown said...

Such a beautiful part of the country. Love the photo of the kayak just waiting for someone to take a paddle...hoping for warmer weather soon! Sharon