Friday 24 May 2013

Walking Home

It hasn't really been an easy week. Sickness bugs have laid half the house low and the other half of us are tired out too with broken nights and much laundering going on.
My little man has found all the disturbance pretty unsettling. Lots to learn about things not always being possible. He's such a caring chap, but he's found it all a bit hard this week.
I worked from home to after my bigish boy while Woody was out on jobs when he'd recovered. Flat lemonade, cuddles and plenty of Star Wars made the world of difference.
And I got to pick little man up from school!
This doesn't happen all that much these days but I still get to drop him off a lot. But I really miss hometime, that hurtle out of school and the thud into your arms with a massive smile and a grubby face.
So I asked A which way he wanted us to walk home and he picked wooded route him and Daddy have found but I don't know all that well. "This is the Steepy Steepy way home mummy, because it is steep."
Just to hear him singing along to himself and rattling on with me was really precious. "What a lovely day mummy" he said when we came out of the trees into the sunshine. Oh if only you could bottle that!
 Not sure how many more days like this there'll be when you feel a little hand slip into yours, stop to look at dandelions and wonder how the yellow bits turn into fluffy stars or smell how stinky wild garlic really is up close.
Quite a lot more yet I really hope. xxx 


Attic24 said...

Oh so Little B is obsessed with stinky wild garlic at the moment, last week on a walk he collected it without me knowing and stuffed his coat pocket full of it, then he must've been squishing it the whole time cos it was a big slimy stinky mess in that pocket when I eventually found out where the stink was coming from! HE said he collected it to make soup!

Emma Bradshaw said...

Simply lovely Steph x

Mama Macfennell said...

Aaarrhh, he sounds like a lovely sensitive soul! and the 'steepy steepy way' looks like quite an adventure. Hope everyone is better soon.

Frances said...

What you write and show us is pure bliss. That young lad is a joy, and I wish the two of you many more such afternoon walks. Steepy or not so steepy.

lilac and old roses said...

Aaawww! Just perfect, treasured moments x

purple-roses-country-cottage said...

What a perfect moment. So lovely. Nicolexxx

LinenandRoses said...

Oh so sweet. You've brought a little tear to my eyes. Fiona x