Tuesday 12 November 2013

Chasing Autumn #2 - Dark Nights & Sparkle

We travelled east to a medieval castle in the pouring rain  and had the most brilliant time.
There were battling Vikings with sparks flying from their swords, a burning boat burial and fire eaters who set the sky aflame.
Then with the loudest boom in the world the night lit up with a thousand lights and blew us far away.
Best fireworks ever - thank you Tutburyx


Sue said...

What FAB photo's Steph, glad to hear that you had a good evening,hope your boys enjoyed it too
Thanks for sharing
Best Wishes
Sue xxxx

SandyshoesCornwall said...

I knew you'd come up trumps with lovely autumn and bonfire pictures! I've normally only got a Nokia phone on me to take photos so rely on you to celebrate the seasons, and it's really looking great at the moment isn't it so I agree let's hold on to autumn for as long as we can x

Anonymous said...

Just amazing, I love fireworks so much and so does my husband and girls. No doubt your boys couldn't believe their eyes! What a treat, thank you for sharing Steph. Always appreciated Simone xx