Monday 11 November 2013

Chasing Autumn #1 - Down By the River

The season's moving on quite sharpish isn't it? I'm conscious of resisting the urge to dive headlong into winter, snow and all sorts of festiveness. So if it's alright with you, thought I'd do a quick few posts on the best bits of our Autumn so far.
There's been plenty of rain but there's golden sunlight amongst the heavy clouds. Our river keeps rising and falling, threatening to flood but not quite getting there.
The canal, the old steam railway and the river all run alongside each other, lined with broadleaf trees, a few cosy, brick cottages and the lovely pub.
On our walk we met a chap who'd put up a couple of tree swings for his granddaughter to play on. He was so pleased to see our boys enjoying them too. What a lovely, lovely thing to do.
P.S. Thank you ever so much for your massively kind and enthusiastic comments on my new kitchen! I was bursting with pride. We had a smashing lunch last weekend. It's completely changed our home. Thanks for being so kind xxx


Anonymous said...

Morning Steph, what a lovely way for me to enjoy for first cuppa of the morning, looking at all your gorgeous photo's of Autumn. We have been enjoying some lovely warm almost hot sunshine here in Sydney until a couple of days ago when the rain came and forgot to leave, it actually looks like winter from my kitchen window. Have a lovely week. Warm thank you Simone xx

Frances said...

Having a swing from a tree amidst lots of autumn colored leaves, both on and below trees is a treat indeed.

Seeing this post (and of course seeing your New kitchen) has been a joy. It's always grand to visit here. You are so kind to share your days with us.


Lisa said...

Tree swings are so very much enjoyed by our two whenever we happen across them on walks out and about, how lovely to be able to say thank you to the kind someone who put them there for all to enjoy.
Lisa x