Saturday 21 December 2013

Out & About #1 - Oxford

Christmas gets kicked off for us every year with a special trip to Oxford for Woody's birthday.

We try and finish all our major shopping done by the time we go so that we can really enjoy the atmosphere. 
For a few hours we just wander and take it all in. I love Oxford for the peace and beauty you can find just around the corner from the bustling main street.
And this is my most favourite Christmas tree every year at the Bodleian Library. Simple and perfect.
Christmas is almost here now so a couple of quick posts to follow to capture it.


Frances said...

Oxford is rather wonderful at any time of the year, but your photographs show us that right now is really special.

Thank you so much. Happy Christmas! xo

Hill upon Hill said...

You are right, that tree is simply perfect.

Country Rabbit said...

wonderful...i went there a long time ago in my late teens, loved the vibe there...merry festive wishes x

Amanda said...

It looks a lovely place to visit.

Unknown said...

My Oxford! Looks like you had a lovely visit :)