Sunday 22 December 2013

Out & About #2 - Our Town

Over the past few years some brilliant people have worked their socks off to make our little market town shine. This Christmas Leek has put on her very best party face and doesn't she look lovely.

And there's such a special atmosphere too. Last Thursday evening I picked the boys up from school and we popped into town for them to do their shopping for the family. I think it's so important for them to really understand that Christmas is all about giving so every year they've saved a few pennies to buy small gifts like hankies, a box of chocolates, lip balm, hand cream or a bowl of hyacinths for their aunties, daddy and grandparents.
They love it. Christmas shopping night is one they really love and so do I listening to their chatter and giggles that usually get a bit out of hand and I have to calm down. Town was packed at 4 o'clock and as the light faded we enjoyed the window displays and watched the lights came up.

We're lucky to have some really great little shops that the owners work very hard to keep fresh and inviting. So I like to spend our pennies here because it seems to mean more and stays in our town. 
So well done Leek and thanks for a smashing Christmas time,


Sue said...

Fab post and photo's Steph, many thanks for sharing, Happy Christmas to you all,I hope 2014 is good for you and yours,
Festive Wishes
Sue xxx

Anonymous said...

This blog set up is awfully hard to follow you know!

Curlew Country said...

Had no other complaints. Not sure what you find difficult?

Mum said...

A very Happy Christmas to you and yours.
Love from Mum

Anonymous said...

New to your site and found it easy to follow - sorry not being snotty to "anonymous" but what is hard about it? I love that your town makes such an effort it looks beautifully festive. I have to visit...very soon!!!

CJ said...

It looks lovely there. I'm in a little town too, and I like to support the local shops when I can. Hope you have a lovely Christmas and a very happy New Year.

Curlew Country said...

That's lovely, thanks for the supportive comment. Bit puzzling what problem is. Thanks again x

Frances said...

Leek looks so beautiful after sunset, and your post brought back to me some very long ago childhood memories of my own...deciding how my little funds might be used for some gifts for loved ones. Even now, I do make quite a few of my gifts and hand paint my Christmas cards.

Over at my blog site, I now have a link to my newly launched shop. I consider this sort of enterprise to be a contemporary version of small town shopping. Steph, I would love to know what you think of what I have done. Early steps so far....)

Happy Christmas

Country Rabbit said...

beautiful area, although usually just a window shopper to most of the boutique gift type shops in my area i sooo love the window displays!!!!! it just sums up Christmas when they do all the windows~ swooning over whats in them. merry christmas lovely steph ;0)x

Campfire said...

Ah, Leek at Christmas time, I remember it well. We moved there one November just in time to acclimatise ourselves to the difference in temperature from flat Cheshire to almost 1000ft up with no houses around. I loved doing the Christmas shopping in the town. There was a period when I believe it went a little down hill but it's lovely to see it is coming back to life again. The Ironmongers - where is it please? There used to be one across the road from the baths.