Saturday 19 December 2009

A More Colourful Christmas

Lots of lovely colour has been creeping into our Christmas over the past few weeks. Until recently Christmas has been red, white and green for me. I'm not completely sure why but our decorations have been very Nordic in style and well to be honest I looked at them last year and thought they were maybe a little bit dull. Something was missing and it was colour!

So over the year I've gathered vintage baubles and the sorts of decorations I remember from when I was small. We've got cheery paperchains, colourful honeycomb bells, lots of holly (which we've always had)and this little tree is brightening up the kitchen. We all prefer it so next year we'll go the whole way and have multi-coloured decorations and lights on our big one in the sitting room, so I'm keeping my eye out for more.
And yesterday was the best find of all. My grandparents had just a few decorations in their home and pride of place was given, on the sitting room shelf, to a tiny pipecleaner tree with miniature candles, tiny baubles and delicate glass bells. My sisters and I loved it to bits but sadly it disappeared when they moved to a nursing home and they passed away many years ago. I'd love to have found it but have tried instead to track one down on ebay or in vintage shops, but blimey they go for a fortune - £25 at least, for 8 inches of tree!

So can you imagine how loud my heart was beating yesterday when I popped into one of my favourite charity shops to see one sitting on a table of decorations for a paltry 25p!
Excited doesn't come close. I grabbed the tree quickly, clutching the precious thing very tightly and was about to race to the till when - I can hardly believe this bit myself - saw its twin on the same table! Honestly, I nearly passed out! To be honest I did feel a bit sheepish, handing over my 50p, couldn't help feeling that Cancer Research had lost themselves a fortune so I'll take in a donation next week I think, but oh my I am more than thrilled with my little twin trees.
And I  found another treasure yesterday, four beautiful linen napkins, hand embroidered with holly and berries and a vintage tablecloth, all hand embroidered to match. The work that's gone into these is terrific, the edges all hand embroidered too. Someone really laboured over these for their family's Christmas and I'll really treasure them.
We've finally reached the summit of the Christmas preparation mountain this week too. All the shopping (apart from some last minute fresh food) is done, greengrocer and butcher orders are in, teachers presents delivered (hyacninths in Laura Ashley mugs from the sale!), parcels posted off and reserved items collected from town and safely stashed away.

Now let me tell you I am so absolutley ready to shut the door, make a mug of something warm & cosy, turn on the oven and prepare our little house for the celebrations to come. Tons of wrapping, baking and cooking to do mind you but I don't mind that really because now we're all at home and the relaxing can start.
And amazingly we've even got snow to go with it all - how fantastic. Just an icing sugar dusting here, sparkling with frost and perishingly cold, but to be honest for the moment that's fine. The Moorlands looks just like a Christmas card - and actually at Christmas time, what a treat!

Have a lovely Christmassy weekend and hope you enjoy the white stuff if you've got it.


bellaboo said...

I think a little angel was sitting on your shoulder when you went into that charity shop!and don't those little trees look perfect there.
I feel a bit guilty to be honest,as my sister is 'doing' Christmas this year,so I've escaped the manic last minute panic and the awful supermarket rush.Glad you've got snow makes it all the more christmassy doesn't it?
Have a wonderful time!


aspiritofsimplicity said...

What a grand find. And, just think that perhaps your grandparents little tree ended up in a house just like yours some wear. It's nice to know that these things go to happy homes.

sarah-jane down the lane said...

Hi Steph, Oh boy have we got snow!!! It is so magical and I am so excited!

My heart skipped a beat when I saw your pipe cleaner tree. a tear pricked my eye as it evoked my Grandad and lots of lovely long ago memories, aaahhhh..... so glad you found it, it was meant to be.

I too am into colour for my decorations, I love the old fashioned charm of coloured lights.

Wishing you and yours a very Merry Christmas,

Love Sarah x

fitty's pinky rose cottage said...

Hi Steph.. what a great find! love the Christmas trees. at least the trees have a new home.. and surely will be loved! have a good weekend.

Dawn said...

You sound super organised! I have ordered the turkey and bought a pudding and thats about it.
Your decorations look lovely too.

Helen said...

Oh how funny . . . I had that feeling. . . . . . . . just now before I read your post, I too, . . . . . . . . . . . . am ready to close my door, and let CHRISTMAS begin!!
Love Helen x

...Nina Nixon... said...

Such a wonderful festive posting and all those Christmas treasures, they are absolutely beautiful.

We've had some snow too and it is definitely the icing on the cake for me as we very rarely get it.

Have a fabulous weekend,

Nina xx

Serenata said...

Isn't it wonderful when you find some special like the little trees? You look like you are well prepared. We are getting there slowly.

Rubyred said...

Love the wonderful treasures you've found! It's a fantastic feeling when most things are done and you can just settle in at home! Hope you and your family have a Wonderful Christmas!
Rachel x

KC'sCourt! said...

What a find with those little trees. I have now set myself a challenge for 2010, I am going to find vintage christmas decorations!

Leisa said...

Wishing you a very Happy Christmas Steph. I love your decorations. I'm sure you will have such a lovely time with your little ones. The snow sounds just perfect!

Garden Girl said...

wow, what a pair of finds! I have done well this week too, also with the most beautiful white linen tablecloth embroidered with red stitching. It's so christmassy and fabulous. I had that same 'grab it quickly and get the hell out before someone fights me for it' feeling!!

Emily said...

Lovely trees! You've given a good home to such vintage treasures. Merry Christmas!

periwinkle said...

oh what an amazing find, I'm so pleased that you found the little trees, I can just imagine the stomach flutterings and big smiles ... hope you all have a very merry christmas x

Sairer said...

Hello lovely lovely lady, a big parcel arrived at my door today...ooh exciting!
you naughty but lovely person you.
I'm not going to leave a great long message on here, I'll write to you instead, but just wanted to say a huuuuge thankyou and send you a big Christmasy kiss. Mwah x
You really cheered me up after a pretty rotten day(week even!!)
From the bottom of my heart Steph, thankyou. xxxxxxxxxxx

GardenOfDaisies said...

I just love all your colorful bits of decorating! I understand how exciting it is to find something that you remember from your grandmothers house! I am the same way. :-) Your children's home made glittery cards are precious!