Saturday 27 February 2010

Saturday Morning

Home again, home again and its rather nice indeed. We had a fabulous break and, even though we all reek of chlorine, we're exceptionally relaxed so mission accomplished. Sadly I completely forgot to take the camera with me so I can't show you any pictures of the fabulous forest we stayed in, the most beautiful snowflakes drifting gently down through the pines or the red squirrel who came for breakfast on our patio in the mornings.

Today we are having a very, very lazy day after a week of busyness and fun and Saturday morning so far's been made up of:
 - Some scrapbook inspiration in my cosy bed
- Something hearty and delicious for breakfast
- Busy boys + airfix = bliss
- Contemplating a bit of baking later on
And now? Well the cupboards are empty so the colourful market calls; fruit and veg, spring flowers and a quick peek around the charity shops I think. Saturday mornings are made for this (even when its so cold and grey and there's no light for taking decent photos - grrr!).

Enjoy the weekend.


salty pebble said...

sounds like perfect start to a saturday ;0) love your cozy looking home ;0)x lovely blog as always ;0)

Anonymous said...

I've been scrapbooking too and we have cut out the same pictures!
Victoria x

bellaboo said...

Love to do that scrapbooking thing!
I've just come back from a mooch round the market and the charity shops.Love to do that on a Sat morning too.Can picture what your break was like even without the photos.I've worked out,since I started this blogging thing, that I must have the camera with me at all times...just incase!!

Bellaboo :o)

Pink Feather Paradise said...

What a fabulous morning and I am glad you had such a splendid time away to recharge those batteries...

x Alex

...Nina Nixon... said...

Have fun shopping at the market - I love Saturday mornings like this.

Hope the rest of your weekend is just as relaxing,

Nina xxx

ps. I've got the washing hung out today - it's still cold and grey, but very, very blustery....I'm keeping my fingers crossed it actually dries!

melanie said...

I love your scrapbook. :) xxx

Clover Yard said...

Hi Steph, I'm chuckling while reading your post as I'm lounging in bed with my country mags and eating a sausage sandwich - aren't weekends fab! I am envying your get up and go (wish we had a market nearby). Hope you have a fruitful trip to the charity shops.

GardenOfDaisies said...

Sounds like you had a great little family getaway! Enjoy your relaxing weekend!

harmony and rosie said...

I had a bit of a thrifting session this morning - very satisfying stuff. What a shame you forgot your camera, never mind you have your own memories and you've provided us with some good scrapbooking eye candy!
Glad you had a great holiday.

Rebecca said...

What a lovely start to the weekend! I read your entry whilst at work today waiting for my lunch, the image of your breakfast made me very hungry indeed! hehe!
Your scrapbook looks like it is filled with inspiration.... I am currently going through all my country living mags and putting them together in a scrapbook. It is good fun! x

Pomona said...

I have a hearts mug like that! Hope you have managed to get rid of the chlorine smell, and that it didn't turn your hair green!

Pomona x

Anonymous said...

Hello again, I think your photos are lovely, very evocative and happy-making. Can't believe I've never made a scrapbook like that, despite having files full of pictures and shelves full of old magazines which my husband is not allowed to chuck out! You have inspired me to get cracking on one. (And to introduce my boys to the delights of Airfix - that takes me back a bit, I remember my brother making Airfix models many years ago.) Thanks for some good ideas.

Rubyred said...

Sounds like a perfect Saturday morning!
Your brakfast table looks very homely and comforting!Especially the bacon sandwich!
Have a great week!
Rachel x