Sunday 4 August 2013

Away For A While

Well, since I moaned and groaned about the weather on that last post, things have sort of moved on a bit!

There has finally been a summer in Britain - the first decent one for years and years and I have been out there enjoying every minute, no time to blog. Sports days, gardening, tea on the patio and long evening bike rides filled every minute I've not been at work.

And then suddenly life sped up here and it was difficult to keep up. We've had some tough family stuff to deal with, Woody's brother is seriously ill and there have been long distance trips to hospital to see him. Luckily it could have been so much worse although his recovery will take many months, but he is with us and coping manfully and we are very grateful. He will be in hospital for many more weeks and we still don't know the outcome so there is still much to worry about.

The whole situation made us re-examine things and our planned holiday to the West Country, that we couldn't logistically make, went by the wayside. But when we knew P was stable and in between surgeries for a while, Woody decided we should grab life while we could and escape to the sun for a few days.

Swimming in the sea, eating good fun and just spending time watching the world go by in one of our most favourite places has been completely wonderful. Tamariu is one of the happiest places I know and we had such a fantastic time there last summer we were really happy to be back for a short while.

Technology brilliantly kept us in touch with everyone and Woody and his big brother have talked more in the past few days and weeks than they have in years, which is a very nice thing. We came home yesterday and Woody is up in Cumbria visiting today to watch the cricket with P on the hospital telly and keep him company.

So these pictures tell a whole extra story of not just getting away, but living life to the full while you can, relishing the summer and being glad that there may be a happy ending out there on the horizon somewhere, whenever it may come.


Linda said...

Sorry to hear about your difficult time, but glad to here that you had a lovely break and that things are beginning to look up. Trying times often make us re-evaluate our lives and usually in a positive way. xxx

Emma Bradshaw said...

So glad that you're back and so sorry to hear of family illness x

SandyshoesCornwall said...

Really pleased you all had a chance to get away and re-charge your batteries, when you're looking out for someone else who is ill it's easy to forget about yourselves. Pictures look fantastic, looking forward to hearing more x

PinkCatJo said...

Sorry to hear about your family illness but pleased you were still able to get away and have some rest time. It looks like a lovely place for a holiday. Glad you're back - keep enjoying the sunshine! x

Anonymous said...

Warmest thoughts are with you Steph and your family. It was hard to read that you and your family had some tough weeks and I hope things are very soon getting better for you all. As always it was delicious to look at your gorgeous photos and glad you all had some warm weather, gardening, lazy evenings and family time. God Bless Simone xx

driftwood said...

thinking of you Steph, glad you managed to have some time away to relax and recharge, hope your brother inlaws recovery continues x

Bobo Bun said...

Hi Steph

Really pulls you up doesn't it when something happens in the family. Sounds like you're all strong and getting the time together that you need though. Glad to hear that recovery is on the cards. Happy summer days to you. I often think of you and wonder how you're getting on even though I rarely find the time to email you or anyone else for that matter.

Love Lisa X

Judy said...

Glad you're back and I hope everything turns out well for your brother-in-law

Anonymous said...

Hi Steph:

I live in Philadelphia and my sister was also very sick this spring and summer. Very scary stuff, but makes you appreciate everything all the more. I love you blog, it is like my little vacation. My prayers and thoughts to you and your family.

Take care, Debbie

Andrea Mynard said...

Love your blog and beautiful pics, so sorry to hear your family have had tough times.