Thursday 14 November 2013

Chasing Autumn #4 - Exploring

It was my birthday last week, just one year off a milestone. Not looking forward to THAT very much! So we went on a distraction mission and went to visit a lovely little town we've meant to visit for a long time - Southwell.
It's a small, charming place of mellow red brick cottages, Queen Anne mansions and with lovely shops and cafes too. We walked around the green, taking in the wonderful setting and the scent of Autumn,

We bumped into Woody's old editor in Boots. Really nice to see him again, think he was a bit shocked to see us all the way over in north Nottinghamshire.

And the Minster. Well there's little I can say that the pictures don't. For a girl who loves early medieval history it was a bit of a pilgrimage for me. Just superb.


Unknown said...

Happy birthday. I suspect that your milestone makes you very young in my eyes! It is a great decade so embrace it! The minster looks amazing, I always think about the people who built these places and wonder what their lives were like. History is amazing. Lovely posts recently x

Anonymous said...

Happy birthday for last week Steph, I'm 42 now and I'm actually enjoying every bit of being in my 40's, so relax it is all GOOD I promise! What a superb day out for you and your family, I only hope that one day I make it across to see all of this for myself, you captured the wonderful architecture of these amazing old stoned heritage buildings is truly stunning. Thank you as always, Simone xx

Unknown said...

Happy Birthday spring chicken!!!! I am 45 next birthday and rather love the forties! Xx

Sue said...

Happy Birthday from me to you for last week Steph,I enjoyed every minute of my forties,really, really wasn't looking forward to the next age bracket,but you know what, it's not so bad, it IS just a number(so people kept telling me)!! As ever great post and photo's
Keep Smiling (it always makes people wonder what you've been up to)!!!
Best Wishes
Sue xxx

Barri-Jayne said...

Belated happy birthday! I'm 46, but keep telling myself that I'll be 50 soon. I'm not worried about hitting the big fiveO, it's just seems so unbelievably crazy! Already planning my big party! Great photographs :)

SandyshoesCornwall said...

Ah I thought your birthday was coming up soon, Happy Birthday! I hope you got spoilt and had a lovely day. I'm looking forward to seeing all your future blog posts, have a great week x

CJ said...

Happy birthday, belatedly. Such very beautiful photos. I just read a post on Bunny Mummy about photography, and she recommended your blog for wonderful pictures. She wasn't wrong! I shall be following along now.

Anonymous said...

well I hit the big 50 on 23rd Nov Steph LOL
and really didn't want to leave my 40's behind me so make the most of saying your in your 40's while you can ha ha
Happy belated to you :0)
Lin from Somerset