Friday 13 July 2007

Moving to the Moorlands?

(The River Churnet, the Boat Inn, Cheddleton - lovely pictures from

Well hopefully pretty soon. We've been in Buxton for nearly six years now and whilst it is a lovely town we'd really like to live somewhere a bit more rural. I grew up able to build dens in the woods, go blackberrying, build dams in the stream, all within a stone's throw of home and it was brilliant. My sisters, friends and I rode bikes with skipping ropes attached to the handlebars, trying to recreate the Jill's pony adventures and were forever flogging our parents veggie patch produce to make extra pocket money (whether they were aware of it or not!). This was the '80s (not actually the 1950s as I've made it sound!) but it felt safe yet full of adventure too. I'd love the boys to have the same opportunities and to look out on fields everyday would be wonderful.

Buxton isn't exactly an urban metropolis but we just can't afford a house here nearer to the fields and lanes so we're stuck in suburbansville, not far from the nigtmare A6 which gridlocks the entire town if someone just pulls onto the kerb.

(The restored 1940s waiting room at Cheddleton Station)
So the plan is to move over to Cheddleton, much closer to the folks and dh's office and tons more affordable. It feels as if I'd be going home.The village is now quite expanded from the historic core, with several 60s/70s estates which are the areas we can afford. They offer bigger houses with better gardens and whilst I'd love a period property, this type of house would make us a lovely home until we can afford to move up the ladder in years to come. Its a better lifestyle we'd be buying and I think we'd get that here.
We think we've found the perfect house, the views are amazing, secluded garden and good sized rooms (oh and a conservatory) but with ours not even under offer yet it's all a bit nerve-wracking. The housing market seems to have slowed to a snail's pace although we have a second viewing (a rare thing) today so you never know.

(Moorings on the Cauldon Canal)
With the added attractions of a good school, idyllic country Steam Railway (like stepping back into the 1940s), water powered flint mill, the River Churnet and the Cauldon Canal its a lovely spot just out of Leek. The countryside of the Churnet Valley is beautiful, rolling hills, native woodlands and astounding views. I don't think it'll happen this side of Christmas but we'll get there - eventually!

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