Monday 16 July 2007

A smidgen of summer

Finally some sunshine! Saturday and today are just lovely (let's not mention Sunday). It's amazing what a blue sky, scudding white clouds and a balmy afternoon can do for the spirits.

So we made the most of it and we three (dh working) headed over to Cheddleton for a nosy around the Open Gardens Weekend. What a great way to spend an afternoon and we managed to fit four in.

There were some beauties and I got a very kind offer of free cuttings when we move over there from a lovely lady. The last two were gorgeous, one quite small but full of the plants I love, achillea, oriental poppies, roses, foxgloves, lavender and herbs and the owners were serving delicious cream teas.The final garden was outstanding, ponds and streams, secret pathways and a lovely relaxed, hidden from the world air.

What a beautiful church too. Couldn't manage to get up the tower because with A in the backpack we'd have got wedged in the staircase. Shame though, the views must be fantastic from up there across the Churnet Valley. Beautiful stained glass too (some by William Morris and his contemporaries). I can just imagine us going to the carol service there at Christmas - (oh its bad to be thinking of Christmas things already but I can't help it, what with the Laura Ashley autumn/winter catalogue arriving today!)

St Edward's Church and Angels with Red Wings window by Burne Jones

We met some really lovely, kind people, hope we get over there soon. Had such fun with the boys, a perfect summer afternoon.

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