Friday 24 August 2007

2 for the price of 1!

Barney's favourite phrase at the moment, in relation to just about anything, so in the spirit of things I'm going to get two posts on here whilst I've got a chance.

First thing though I want to say a huge thank you for all the lovely comments I've been receiving. Its so lovely to hear such nice things from lovely people. This is way over the top but blogging and discovering more about some truly fab people on their gorgeous blogs has brought a real ray of sunshine into my life (soppy enough yet?). I've discovered a whole new obsession (ebaying for vintage treasures and even though I don't pay a lot, I've bought so many things this summer they're beginning to mount up - eek!), enjoyed a myriad of visual treats and realised that I am not the only 30-something woman spending her evenings staying up until all hours glueing snippets of magazines into scrapbooks or rearranging flowers, jugs, trinkets - you name it - so they look just right for a snap and drooling over wonderful interiors on glorious blogs.

Thanks for coming to my rescue...

(Thanks too to Waitrose for the loveliest, easily eatable cake for a little one who's just mastering chomping. 'Fraid my domestic goddess points ran out after buying and wrapping presents, putting up bunting, farm trip etc so I failed miserably and had to buy a cake but I have faithfully promised to revive the hedgehog birthday cake tradition for next year. Does this put me back in credit?)

(paper - brill, my favourite thing)
The Birthday - thanks for all the lovely wishes. The weather was glorious and everyone was on tremendous form - phew. Plenty of sweet animals including a day-old donkey foal (the cuteness of which you will never have seen the like before), an age spent in the brilliant adventure playground which has the shallowest, clearest stream perfect for paddling and dam-building and ice lollies a-go-go.

(The Archers 2012 - otherwise known as Lily, Thomas & Barney)

Thanks to my lovely, smashing friend Helen for coming along too and sharing a special day.xx
Part 2 next...


Kimberley said...

Awww, Steph, you have beautiful babies :)

So glad they both had happy birthdays!


Anonymous said...

It sounds like a lovely day. Do you have a photo of the donkey foal please?

Marie x