Friday 24 August 2007

Round 2 - finds of the week.

My new favourite things (until the Oxfam shop opens again after its refit!)

No. 1 - this beautiful vanity dish was an ebay bargain for just £0.99. I can't believe that no-one else bid for it, its a good size and the embroidered lid is the prettiest thing.

No. 2 - I confess that I bought his as much for me as for Archie. Isn't he adorable, although one leg is already hanging by a thread so another job for the repairs basket, along with my favourite fluffy socks which just have to be saved in time for autumn.

N0. 3 - going through a bit of an Enid Blyton nostalgia trip at the moment and have added this centenary Famous 5 edition to my teeny collection. I love the picture and harbour secret dreams that the boys will one day discover them in the bookcase and be engrossed (although I know they'll probably be glued to the latest techy entertainment device won't they so I'm doing my best to shove things under their noses from an early age!). I couldn't resist the Country Diary of an Edwardian Lady (75p!) which has the loveliest drawings of seasonal plants and flowers. I know a fair few but great to be able to turn to the month and actually name what's growing in the hedgerows as I walk by.

No 4 - shocking picture sorry but I so wanted to share this - the most beautiful, hand-painted enamel brooch that I picked up for just a £1. Mum has something very similar given to her by the wonderful Mrs Hemming who we lived next door to when I was little. She was a true Edwardian and a school teacher spinster so didn't marry until she retired and therefore never had any children. She was like a favoured aunt and a truly elegant lady with an extraordinary past, she'd been a suffragette in her day and even swam The Channel.

I loved her beautiful house, full of pieces of huge oak furniture she'd carved herself. I remember she always wore a house coat and the daintiest, prettiest hair slide in her short, white bob. Her kitchen chairs (which she let us stand on - gulp!) were bought by her father at the Great Exhibition in 1851 and I was amazed by the Houses of Parliament Christmas Cards she received from no less than 3 MPs every year. (I thought she was so very important, rather like the Queen!). A really wonderful lady. Anyway... gosh sorry went right off track there, I coveted that beautiful brooch and am so thrilled to find one of my own. I shall wear it and remember the fascinating Mrs H often.

Looking forward to the Bank Holiday weekend and summer's last hurrah.

Hope the sun shines on everyone.


Vintage to Victorian said...

Hi Steph

What wonderful finds, and your story about Mrs H touched me. A lady who used to live in the nursing home where my great aunt lived was also a suffragette. She was the tiniest person ever - couldn't have been more than about 4ft tall!

The farm trip looks like great fun, and whilst I've seen day-old calves, lambs etc,I don't think I've ever seen a day-old donkey. Are the ears out of all proportion to the body?!!!

Glad you had a lovely time, and that you're enjoying collecting all those trinkets and goodies.

Anonymous said...

Hi Steph

Well I enjoyed the story of Mrs H too, even if it was a little off the subject of your post. How lucky to have met a real suffragette even if you were probably a bit young at the time to appreciate what she had done for women.

Thanks for a lovely post. Have a great Bank Holiday and I hope that the sun shines for you.

Marie x

Rowan said...

Some lovely finds here, I've always been a Famous Five fan from being very young and love the Edwardian Lady books too. I really like the brooch and the story that goes with it - Mrs Hemming must have been a fascinating person, the kind I'd love to sit and listen to while she talked about her life.

AC said...

Great bargains and the baby donkey is sooo cute.
Alison x