Friday 2 May 2008

Reasons to be Cheerful

1) Fab new bag
Not really Cath Kidston but not all that far off, my £1.50 bargain seriously cheered up the run to the veg market this week. I don't 'do' blue all that much which is odd because its one of my favourite colours so I am rather chuffed that this lovely bag is bringing a splash of spring to my shopping.

2) Painted prettiness
I couldn't resist the painted roses on this pretty glass jug and ... well... I think I think its a nightlight holder but I'm not sure the glass is quite thick enough. Any ideas?

3) Favourite flowers
Hurrah, there are stocks in the flower shops! Its our wedding anniversary at the end of the month (6 years already - blimey) and their most heavenly scent takes me right back to our special day and my beautiful bouquet of cream stocks.

4) Fabulous bloggers
Thank so much for all the lovely get well wishes (pretty much back to normal now) and sweet comments about my teeny garden. Not so sure my roses will rival those gorgeous David Austin pictures but all your positive gardening thoughts are sure to help.

And this special treat to myself arrived while I was feeling under the weather. My beautiful corsage made by the very talented Kim at Ragged Roses (ooh more blue!). Sorry it's taken me a while to post about it Kim but I truly love it and it looks smashing on my spring mac. Thank you!
Have a lovely Bank Holiday all. I'm off for now for a spot of Friday night curry, Gardener's World and hopefully a car boot at a village over the hills on Sunday. Yippee!


Just Original said...

Love the bag, I use my decathlon carrier for my market shopping, not very glamorous really!

My wedding anniversary is at the end of the month also the 28th, it will only be 3 years though, but if you look at my wedding certificate it will be 4 years. I got it out this week for something and noticed the mistake. In years to come when my ancesters are trying to trace my details it will totally foil them!

The Fairy Glade said...

Fab bag did you get it from The Merchant Chandler store? I have something similar in pink which is my colour. Will have to post a piccy. Isn't the corsage brooch cute, I have had my eye on one for a while but have a tight budget right now. Have put it on my list and live in hope!

Cowboys and Custard Mercantile said...

Hi Steph..
Everything's coming up roses and you and I share something, actually more than one thing, in common.
I have enjoyed your enthusiasm for gardening so much and I know just how you feel about your garden.. It is a love affair to last.
We also share that very special corsage from the wonderful lady at Ragged Roses.. dear Kim. I bought one too and am saving it for my first summer dress outing.
Have a great weekend.. and happy booting!

alice c said...

How lovely your dresser is looking. I think I enjoy your new rose bud acquistions almost as much as you do!

I wonder if the little pot is a sugar bowl to match the little creamer jug. I don't think it would be a night light holder because that is a recent thing. I wouldn't recommend putting a candle inside because the heat would probably damage the painted flowers.

Sal said...

Love your bargain bag!
The stocks too..some of my faves!Your dresser looks lovely ;-) Sal

Heidi said...

Hi Steph, My pantry shelves would be overflowing, if I owned that incredibly pretty bag! I'd be grocery shopping all the time!!! Lovely post as usual!....Heidi :)

periwinkle said...

Glad you are feeling better, lovely things too - maybe its for holding pot pourri or other smwlly stuff. You have a lovely little garden there, looking forward to the full bloom pics. Have a fab weekend
Lisa x

jessica daisy said...

Love the bag Steph, where did you get it? I want one!
The little glass jug and bowl are so sweet, really pretty, and your dresser is looking beautiful too. Good luck with the car boot sale over the weekend.

julia said...

Lovely purchases, especially the corsage and the jug.
Glad you're feeling better
Enjoy the bank holiday weekend.
Julia x

Anonymous said...

hey Steph, glad you are feeling better, I love the bag, what a bargain, and I love the smell of stocks too!
your dresser looks lovely, just perfect.
hope you find some bargains, and have a lovely bank holiday weekend.

French Knots said...

Love your market shopper, lovely print.
You have so many pretty flowery treasures, the little jug set is a perfect addition.

Summer by the sea said...

I love the painted glass - I think it would look lolvely with a tea light in it - Enjoy your weekend - hope you manage to get lots more bargains on Sunday - Natalie x

Anonymous said...

Lovely new items Steph. I think the painted glass "object" is for growing hyacinth bulbs in, you fill the bottom with water and rest the bulb on the lip.

Alchamillamolly said...

Love the pics - I have managed to add the pic of my dresser from ebay - it isnt the finish it looks in the picture! Have a good boot - first one of the year tomorrow at the local school - heres hoping

Deb said...

Lovely post and pics Steph. The "painted pretty" holds a hyacinth bulb - just fill with water and the bulb rests on top :-} what a great find! Good luck treasure hunting at today's car boot :-}

No one is you ...& that's your power said...

Hi I love the painted glass it is beautifull, I have one of those bags and I bought it in Superdrug ! of all places and I remember swooning at it !. Superdrug sometimes do some really nice vintage style items sometimes too.

Perfectly Lovely said...

Steph...Gorgeous finds! You always find the most beautiful goodies!

The little glass pot decorated with roses is a sugar bowl, it would of had a lid at some point but these always seem to end up lost or usually damaged.

Keep showing us your lovely finds, Jen xx

JuicyFig said...

gorgeous purchases! and all so well photographed. Hope your bank holliday weekend is a sunny one!


Carol said...

You always manage to find great bargains. Love your shopping bag.
Arn't Stocks the most devine flower, the most wonderful heady parfume, they are a big favourite of mine.
Hope the curry was as good!
Carol xx

Twiggy said...

Ohhh I have an apron like your bag, that was super bargainous too, lovely fabric isn't it? I love your corsage and pretty flowery bit and bobs. Hope you've had a nice weekend.
I've added you to my list of favourites on my blog, hope that's ok
Twiggy x

prettyshabby said...

Hi Steph, love all your new goodies..very pretty indeed!
A few other people have said it, but the glass holder looks like it's for a hyacinth bulb to me too...I do hope we get to see an anniversary wedding photo at the end of the month.. I love stocks too, they must have been absolutely gorgeous in your bouquet. x

Anonymous said...

I do love that bag, very nice. Glad to hear you are back on your feet.

Ragged Roses said...

Hello Steph, thanks for the compliments I'm so glad you like it. I love stocks, their scent is just delicious. What a wonderful bag and painted glasses, you've got lots of reasons to be cheerful and deservedly so. Good to hear that you're feeling better. Hope Woody buys you armfuls of stocks for your anniversary

Unknown said...

Love your bag, and the glass items with roses. I just bought my first David Austin rose; wish I had read your blog in time to know about the half price sale!

Garden Girl said...

I have to agree on the bag front, it's lovely, and aren't stocks so pretty? I love their smell..x

Pipany said...

Gorgeous bag and glad you're over the lurgy now.Good luck with those roses too xx

mommyholly said...

I just love that bag for the market! I might need to find one (or sew one!) to take to my farmer's market! :) Makes the whole experience a bit brighter!