Thursday 12 July 2007

Leek 800

Ok, now I'm getting the hang of this I ought to actually write about something. Well, on Saturday I'm off to Leek (Queen of the Moorlands) to take down my exhibition which has been up for six weeks in the Nicholson Institue. Exploring more than eight centuries of life in Leek the exhibition was part of the recent Leek 800 celebrations.

The main festivities took place on 16 & 17 July and despite a couple of downpours it was an excellent event with a lovely atmosphere. The market place and town centre thronged with medieval peasants, merchants, lords and ladies whilst Brough Park witnessed thrilling displays of 13thC tournament skills, weapon displays and played host to a lively, living history encampment bustling with authentic sights, sounds and smells.

From a germ of an idea back in 2005 I never imageined we'd be able to put on such a fantastic event. Thanks so much to the hard work and sustained efforts of the wonderful committe and our enthusiastic volunteers. Here's to many more such events in Leek. Link to the local paper's report on the day and I'm going to try and post some more pictures soon

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