Sunday 22 July 2007

Simple pleasures

Wish I could move in here!
Today was one of those weekend days which start out not very promisingly but in the end turn out to be pretty much perfect after all. We'd set out to make the most of the half decent forecast and while away a few hours at the Bakewell car boot fair, in search of pretty, vintage, interesting things. But by the time we made it there almost everyone had packed up and left, the wind was blowing and what I thought'd been a summery choice of linen skirt and pumps was looking a bit foolish as the rain came down and the showground turned to mud. However....

The Old Smithy Farm Shop/Cafe, Beeley, delphiniums around the anvil.
For once we made a quick decision and took cover at the lovely little farm shop and cafe in Beeley nr Chatsworth - genius! We had a delicious lunch, there was a free highchair, the staff were lovely and then the sun came out enough to enjoy gorgeous homemade ice creams in the garden. Isn't it great when things turn up like that!

Monyash cottages
We worked it off pootling around Monyash, one of my favourite villages not far from home. It's the perfect place to explore with the boys, lots of hidden footpaths, great playground, pub and cafe to boot. A couple of hours wandering around the duck pond, enjoying the pretty gardens and eating even more ice-cream made a smashing afternoon out of what had threatened to be a real pig's ear. Phew!


Perfectly Lovely said...

I love it when a day turns out like that, it sounds as though you certaily made the most of it!

I think we have to make the most of any dry weather we have at the moment...I pray for sunshine next sunday so we can all go to a bootsale, I think were all having withdrawal symptoms!

Kimberley said...

Hi there!

Just found your blog, and have enjoyed browsing through.

The pictures of that village are just dreamy-- I'm ready to move!

I look forward to visiting Curlew Country again :)

Curlew Country said...

Back to rain again already!. Thanks for dropping by Kimberley.